Welcome to KEENAN PR, an executive coaching firm where Potential is Realized.


Our Mission is to provide transformational workshops, training and coaching for corporate leaders, women in the workplace, entrepreneurs, and spokespeople.

We Empower
clients with practical tools and techniques.

We Evoke
clients’ inner wisdom through self-exploration and self-mastery.

We Encourage
clients to discover their true and fullest potential.

COMMUNICATING. Authentically.

Since its inception, Keenan PR has been a communications firm. Communicating in an authentic way has consistently been at the heart of every nationwide public relations and marketing campaign we’ve designed and executed over the last 15 years. We are proud to have seen that work recognized, time and again, with the industry’s most coveted awards.

Everything we do begins with listening carefully first, and then taking action.

We still believe deeply in that approach.

POTENTIAL. Realized.

In early 2015, after reflecting on our founder’s long-term vision for the company and recent experiences, a higher purpose for the firm began to take shape.

It became clear that what we did to help organizations listen to markets and respond effectively, had even more impact when considered at the deeper, individual level.

Rather than public relations services to meet broad corporate objectives, we could arm executives and their teams with tangible tools and techniques to create lasting, more meaningful contributions within their companies and their lives.

The “P” and “R” in our name even began to take on new meaning as we shifted from public relations campaigns into customized workshops that evoke from within the realization of one’s own, truest potential.

COACHING. Evolved.

With the support of specialized communications skills, tools for self-understanding, and an awareness of the science behind the intricate mind-body connection, driven professionals can be masters of their own success and wellbeing.

Keenan PR provides customized training and mentoring that empowers clients with tangible principles and practices that tap their true strengths and enable them to be the best versions of themselves—at work and at home.

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