Keenan PR provides one-on-one coaching for clients seeking mastery of skills introduced through our workshops.

Keenan PR Coaching Services COACHING (One-on-One)

Coaching is customized to the particular interests and needs of each client. Sessions can be held in-person or via virtual conferencing. Topics can include, but are not limited to, cultivating a sense of professional purpose, letting go of self-doubt, enhancing health and happiness, and improving communications skills (within and without).

Clients leave feeling empowered by tangible tools and practices that encourage them to become more self-aware, maximize their professional success and live their most abundant, healthy lives.

  • Executives experience profound wellbeing and career gratification.
  • Subject-matter experts become master spokespeople.
  • Individuals and teams deliver powerful, memorable public presentations.
  • Staff members experience new levels of confidence and self-worth.
  • Employees unlock the inner wonder of their own fullest potential.

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Keenan PR Coaching Services 
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